Tasting and Judging for Vancouver Foodster’s Pizza Challenge

I was selected by Vancouver Foodster as a media judge of his pizza challenge! It was indeed quite a challenge for me to taste 12 different pizzas at 12 different restaurants all over the Lower Mainland – Vancouver, North Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay, Port Moody and Fort Langley, within only 3 weeks. But it was such a fun adventure. Pizza, considered as a simple comfort food by many, has become one of Vancouver’s gourmet food trends. The level of craftsmanship and creativity among the talented pizzaiolos is just remarkable! Besides honouring the traditions of the craft,  innovative twists and quality ingredients are the keys to the competition as well. I had to score each pizza based on their taste, presentation and originality.

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Here are the 12 pizzas I tasted:

Bay Moorings Restaurant

“Buckwheat Pizza Special”
Price: $17.95 9 ($12 on TuesdayS)
Created by:  Chef Danilo
Description:  mozzarella cheese, marinated cherry tomatoes, sautéed prawns, fresh ricotta cheese, candied ginger, arugula pesto and blanched whole almonds.

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Bay Moorings Restaurant
6330 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay
Tel: (604) 921-8184
Web: http://baymooringsrestaurant.com/
Instagram: @bay_moorings


Caffe Mangia Pizzeria

 “Tutto Gusto Pizza”
Price: $15
Created by Chef Alana Peckham
Description: Roasted Garlic, Prosciutto, Port Infused Figs, Cambozola Cheese, Roasted Walnuts and Garnished With Fresh Radicchio. It’s recommended that the ‘Tutto Gusto’ is a perfect pairing with the house red wine Nero D’Avalo or the Dageraad Amber Ale.

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Caffe Mangia Pizzeria
2211 Manitoba Street, Vancouver
Tel: 778-379-4000
Web: http://www.caffemangia.com/
Twitter @caffe_mangia


Pizzeria SpaccaNapoli

 “Alla Facciazza Pizza”
Price: $22
Created by: Chef Marco Cresciullo
Ingredients: A homemade recipe of fresh arugula pesto, Fior Di Latte, fresh garlic, Porcini mushrooms, Italian truffle cream and topped with prosciutto crudo aged 18 months, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and toasted pistachio grain.

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Spacca Napoli Pizzeria
2801 St Johns Street, Port Moody
Tel: (604) 939-5800
Web: https://pizzeriaspaccanapoli.com/
Twitter @Spacca_NapoliPM
Instagram: @pizzeriaspacca

Hearthstone Brewery Tap & Forno

 “Smoked Beef Cheek Pizza”
Price: $17
Created by: Chef Jared Summers and Chef Gary Henderson
Ingredients: smoked beef cheek, cream, roast garlic, fiore di latte, grana padano, truffle oil, basil

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Hearthstone Brewery Tap & Forno
1015 Marine Drive, North Vancouver
Tel: (604) 984-1842
Web: http://www.hearthstonebrewery.ca/
Twitter: @hearthstonebeer
Instagram: @hearthstonebrewing


Olympia Pizza

“The Greek”
Price: S- $15.25  M- $19.5  L- $22.25
Created by: George and Peter Kerasiotis
Ingredients: Marinara sauce, Edam cheese, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, olives

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Olympia Pizza
3205 West Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 732-5334
Web: http://olympiapizzakits.com/
Instagram: @olympiapizzakits


Mangia e Scappa Italian Foods

“Patate E Pipi”
Price: $20
Created by: Chef Luca Carbone, 15-Year Old Pizzaiolo, at Mangia e Scappa
Description/Ingredients: Tomato-Infused Wheat and Tipo 00 Crust, A Foundation of Creamy Sauce Topped with Thinly Shaved Potatoes, Fire-Roasted Red Peppers, Fontina, Garlic Confit, Bonetti’s Pancetta and Mangia e Scappa’s Handmade Fresh Cheese using owner Giulia Carbone’s Family Recipe. This Pizza is Dedicated to Nonna After her Favourite Dish from Calabria, Italy.

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Mangia e Scappa Italian Foods
23238 Mavis Ave, Fort Langley
Phone: 604.888.4104
Web: www.mangiaescappa.com
Twitter: @mangiaescappaifInstagram: @mangiaescappaif


Ragazzi Pizza

Price: 10? $12.00 and  $17? $23.00
Created by: Chef Paul Teixeira
Description: with smoked pancetta, bocconcini, garlic, pepper, egg, parsley.

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Ragazzi Pizza
2996 E. 22nd Avenue, Vancouver
Tel: 604-433-2235
Web: http://www.ragazzipizza.com/
Twitter:   @RagazziPizza
Instagram: @ragazzipizza


Grain Tasting Bar

“The Luca Brasi”
Price: $12
Created by: Executive Chef Jeff Szombaty & Jo Ong
Description: house smoked mozzarella, San Marzano tomato, Italian fennel sausage, roasted onion, broccoli rabe, aged balsamico

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Grain Tasting Bar
655 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Tel:   604-639-4768
Web:  www.grainvbc.com
Twitter:    @Grain_Bar
Instagram:  @grain_bar


Novo Pizzeria

“Chorizo Salami & Thyme Chili Honey”
Price: $20
Created by: Novo Pizza team
Description: fresh mozzarella, basil, smoked provolone, ricotta di bufala

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Novo Pizzeria
2118 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 736-2220
Web:  http://www.novopizzeria.com/
Twitter:   @NOVOPizzeria
Instagram: @novopizzeriayvr


Alberello Pizzeria


Primavera translates springtime. It’s our take on a spring inspired pizza. A long awaited spring!
Price: $17
Created by: Sean & Azin Etesami
Ingredients: olive tapenade, caramelized fennel, sautéed onion, rosemary roasted potatoes, toasted almonds, & aged mozzarella topped with feta, fennel fronds & pomegranate.

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Alberello Pizzeria
115 W 15th Street, North Vancouver
Tel: 604-770-4484
Web: http://www.alberellopizzeria.com/
Twitter @Alberellopizza


Pizza Garden

“Snow White”
Price:  14” $16.75, 18” $22.50, Slice $2.50
Created by: Pizza Chef Özkan Kocao?lu
Description: Alfredo Sauce, Mozzarella, Fior di Latte, Grana Padano, Spinach, Caramelized Onions, Ricotta Cheese.

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Pizza Garden
4464 Beresford Street, Burnaby
Tel: (604) 566-2026
Web: http://www.pizzagarden.ca
Twitter: @PizzaGardenCa
Instagram: @pizzagarden.ca


Megabite Pizza

“Philly Steak”
Price: $16 for whole pizza pie, Slice is available for $2
Created by: Pizza Chef: Ahmet Bulut
Description: Alfredo Sauce, Mozzarella, Italian Cheese Blend, Mushroom, Steak, Green Pepper, Caramelized Onions.

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Megabite Pizza
1005 Granville Street, Vancouver
Tel:(604) 687-0002
Twitter: @megabitecanada
Instagram: @megabitepizza


And the winners are…

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