Sunday Brunch at Provence Marinaside

My buddy Israel and I were long over due for one-on-one hangout. So we decided to meet for brunch at Provence Marinaside. I knew the restaurant was popular for its charming location by Yaletown Marina. For brunch, it could never go wrong visiting a place with such high traffic – the bottom line is, they will always serve fresh quality ingredients.

We did not have to wait long to get a table, although it was pretty busy in the dining room. Cramped with as many tables as possible, it feels a bit crowded in here. If you prefer somewhere quieter, this place definitely isn’t the best choice. However I didn’t mind the atmosphere at all. The staff were friendly and attentive, running around with such great energy.

Being such an egg lover, I ordered Shrimp and Snow Pea Omelette because it usually takes at least 3 eggs to make an omelette. The snow pea was brilliant inside the soft eggs – sweet, crunchy, and refreshing. It is such a small detail but it makes a classic dish so much more fun to eat.

Shrimp and Snow Pea Omelette @ Provence Marinaside
Shrimp and Snow Pea Omelette @ Provence Marinaside

Israel’s Smoked Salmon Benny looked visually stunning. Those perfectly poached eggs coated with creamy hollandaise looked so soft like velvet, as if they just jumped out of a magazine. Too bad I was busy chatting and forgot to ask Israel how they tasted.

Smoked Salmon Benedict @ Provence Marinaside
Smoked Salmon Benedict @ Provence Marinaside

Compared to the brunch I had at Forage the day before, although the recipes here at Provence Marinaside are not as whimsical, they are still very solid classic dishes packed with flavours and quite enjoyable.

The yes’s:
– nice location and views
– quality food and services

The no’s
– A little noisy if you prefer somewhere quieter


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