Seattle Happy Hours: Serious Pie on Westlake

Sausage Stuffed Olives @ Serious Pie on Westlake
Sausage Stuffed Olives @ Serious Pie on Westlake

We were half an hour too early for Oyster Happy Hours at The Flying Fish. So we just decided to have a beer at Serious Pie which was only a block away. It looked like their happy hours had started!

This place seemed to be a pizzeria and gastropub with upscale hipster decor and a lay-back atmosphere. It was not very busy inside although World Cup was on TV. We just ordered some beer. The waiter was friendly, and he suggested we should get a pitcher which was a better deal for 4 of us… The price of a pitcher ($20) exactly equaled to 4 glasses ($5 each). But somehow the pitcher did not fill 4 glasses. The waiter blushed. He took the glass back to the bar and filled it up.

We only ordered a plate of sausage stuffed olives to go with our beer. The olives were pretty tasty – salty olive, slight fatty sausage, and spicy chilli sauce, making it a pretty good warm bar snack for beer time. We had schooner exact gateway golden, which according to the waiter, was supposed to light and lager-like. But it was pretty hoppy. I didn’t mind it but my friends would prefer something lighter and smoother. For the 2nd round, we order a few other beers. Still mostly pretty hoppy except the Duval Belgian Golden Ale, which I had tried many times, and the taste was pretty standard. But the Duval was from a tap and it was still $9 during happy hours. Hmm…

I would like to come back for the ‘Serious Pies’ though, the pizza oven looked pretty awesome and their pizza pies seemed worth visiting.

Serious Pie on Westlake
Serious Pie on Westlake

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