Recap: Neverland Cocktail Experience

I was invited to the media preview of the Neverland Cocktail Experience, a pop-up bar with theatrical performances, created by the same team behind The Alice Cocktail Experience and The Wizard’s Den. Based on ‘Peter Pan’, which I have seen in many versions growing up, the themed event is also held at Vancouver Alpen Club on Victoria Drive, where The Alice event is held at the same time.

There are famous sets such as Wendy’s Bedroom, Blue Lagoon, and Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship with beautiful glowing details as if they are covered by Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. We sure took a ton of photos and videos. You can see my video here:

The theatric parts are narrated by a few actors who play characters such as Peter Pand and Captain Hook, interacting with the audience with games and singalong. Cocktails are served as rewards for our challenges of hook toss and archery, as well as walking the famous plank to collect gold coins in order to make the brew of belief to save Tinkerbell!

For a 90-minute experience with a show of visually stunning objects and theatric performances, filled with laughter and 3 delicious boozy drinks ((1x welcome wine & 2x bespoke cocktails), I think the $45 price tag is totally worth it.

For more info on the events & the ticket sale, please visit Hidden.

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