Recap: Judging Best Margarita Challenge by Vancouver Foodster

This year’s Best Margarita Challenge has 5 contestants all over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Check out my YouTube video here!

The Pawn Shop YVR


Blueberry Elderflower Margarita

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Price: $9.95

Description: made with Casamigos Blanco, St. Germaine Elderflower, Triple Sec, lime juice, blueberry syrup, Salt Rim and Lime Wheel Float.

Created by: Casey Brady


Stormcrow Tavern


Scarif Tropical Blast Margarita

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Price: $10

Created by: Cole Hayton

Description: Lower your shields with the Scarif Tropical Blast Margarita! Made with Plantain infused Tequila Blanco, Sieta Misterios Doba-Yej Mezcal for that smoky just-shot blaster flavour, Storm Trooper collected coconut milk, AT-ACT grilled pineapple, lime, brown sugar and salted rim. It’ll make you forget about the Imperial Troopers shooting at you and let you become one with the Force.


Ban Chok Dee



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Created by:  Parinya Loptson

Description: A Taste of Thai mix – Tamarind and palm sugar with Mexican Coconut Tequila, Mezcal and mix Citrus really refreshing with before the end this summer.


Patron Tacos & Cantina


Coconut Spice Margarita

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Price: $9.95

Description: Coconut transforms the ordinary margarita into something very special. A combination of coconut tequila, coconut milk, homemade syrup, and chili flakes makes this drink unique.  Coconut Spice Margarita is our humble offering remind you a perfect summer night.

Created by: Head Bartenders Israel Llamas & Carlos Bermudez.

U & I Thai


Blueberry Margarita

Price: $8

Created by: Chef Ui Ratsomjit

Description: With Gold Tequila, Lime Juice, Syrup, Triple Sec, Fresh Blueberry


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