Nippo Teppanyaki

I had a out-of-town friend who came to downtown and met me for a quick lunch. I took him to the International Food Court on 530 Hornby. The Chicken Teppanyaki rice bowl lunch special caught our eyes. And it turned out to be an fantastic meal. The chicken was cooked perfectly on the Teppanyaki grill. The sauce was delicious. The generous portion of veggies was fresh and lovely. Props to the edamame beans that added great text texture in the rice bowl. With the 3 pieces of gyoza and a cold drink on the side, it was a great amount of food for a hungry guy like me. Finally, I loved the details of how the bowl of food was put together. It showed love and effort put into the food. And for all this, $10 inclusive, what a great deal!

Chicken Teppanyaki Combo Special @ Nippo Teppanyaki
Chicken Teppanyaki Combo Special @ Nippo Teppanyaki

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