Nemesis Coffee stands out among the city’s top cafes

Vancouver has many great reputations, such as being one of the most livable cities and having the lavish green surroundings. It’s also a city filled with love for bicycles, yoga, and coffee. Yes, coffee is our #1 soft drink.  Although I ain’t no expert in coffee tasting, I do enjoy checking new coffee spots in the city with something interesting to offer. Among the newest cafes, Nemesis stands out by word of mouth, for its beautiful space, friendly staff,  a rotating selection of coffees with some unique ones, and their passion for food just as much as for coffee.

I was on a date in Gastown and I picked Nemesis.  It’s tricky to go on a first date at a restaurant that you want to review.  You definitely want to focus on your date instead of tasting food or taking photo shots. So I arrived 30 minutes before my date did.

The space was indeed beautiful with Westcoast hipster vibe, ample space with a lot of wood and touches of green plants.

I chose the Ethiopian ‘pour over” coffee, which tasted of rich flavours buying levitra online with a hint of sweet fruitiness.


I also had the Mushroom Sunchoke Soup, garnished with crispy sunchoke and hazelnut oil. I have been in love with sunchoke since I had the first taste of it years ago. It is such an interesting ingredient with a distinct sweetness but with earthiness. The soup was smooth and lusciously creamy, well balanced with the nutty, citrusy, and earthy components. It is impressive enough to be a starter dish in a Michelin tasting menu.  It went very well my Ethiopian pour-over, with no cream and no sugar.


Nemesis Coffee
Nemesis Coffee

Final words

The mushroom and sunchoke soup is the bomb here, and apparently, the bartender of the year, Grapes & Soda’s Satoshi Yonemori thought so too. It went perfectly with my “Ethiopian” pour-over, giving me the boost in energy that I needed before my coffee date arrived.  I really like that they take preparing food as seriously as making coffee here. A premium cafe experience, and I highly recommend it.


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Nemesis Coffee

302 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4


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