Mussel Mania at the Sandbar: Not bad for Mussels, Fries and a Pint for only $12!

It had been a while since I was at the Sandbar. The Sandbar rarely had problems keeping busy because of the tourist attractions on the Granville Island. This is the same case for most of the seaside restaurants and bars on Granville Island.  It did not take a culinary genius to properly handle the freshest seafood, turn them into delicious dishes with minimum preparation, and wow the customers along with some fine alcohol. Oh hey I was not complaining! I was happy about having the mussel mania at the Sandbar.  A bucket of mussels, fries and a pint of granville brew for only !

Mussel Mania at the Sandbar: Provençale
Mussel Mania at the Sandbar: Provençale

They had 3 different preparations of mussels: Provençale, Thai red curry, and Vindaloo. As I was curious and skeptical about Vindaloo, questioning about strong Indian spices overpowering the natural sweetness of fresh mussels, I chose Provençale, and a simple Southern France / Mediterranean cooking style with olive oil, garlic and Tomato. And it came with a generous amount of chorizo. My friends both picked Thai red curry. I tried one and found it pretty tasty. The staff was very friendly and helpful. And the seaside views were amazing on a sunny evening.


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