Lunch at Guu Original

I used to live right around the corner from Guu Original, and I have missed coming  here for quick lunches and fried rice takeouts. It is a bit of walk for me from my office, but their delicious lunch specials are so worth it!

Today I got their lunch special Negitoro Don, or Chopped Tuna Sashimi on Rice ($8.60), and it also came with a miso soup. I guess this is like having a giant Negitoro Roll but with less seaweed. I mixed up everything: tuna, green onion, seaweed, rice, soy sauce and wasabi – welcome to healthy delicious eating! It was very light, but the natural sweetness from the fish bound everything together. It was simple food at its best and I savored every single bite!

However it was pretty hectic in the dining buying generic levitra online room. I was the lucky one I guess. People had to wait a bit longer for their cooked food like grill mackerel or chicken katsu. There were only 3 servers working in the front – a manager looking guy who was in charge of the cash register and all the takeout orders, and was occasionally helping the other 2 girls. Only one of server girls was taking orders but she really should have looked around more often. The other server girl was only bussing the tables and running the food. As they were super friendly and likable, I was hoping they would get better with more lunch rush experience.

Negitoro Don @ Guu Original
Negitoro Don @ Guu Original
lunch @ guu original
lunch @ guu original


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