The largest T&T Supermarket opened in Richmond

The highly anticipated opening of the largest T&T Supermarket at Richmond’s Lansdowne Centre finally took place on Thursday, August 16. Although recently moved to downtown, I still shop for groceries at least 3 times a week in Richmond for my mom.  As T&T by Richmond Oval has been store that I go to the most, I can picture myself shopping at the newer and much bigger T&T at Lansdowne a lot.

T & T Lansdowne Opening
T & T Lansdowne Opening

I was invited to a media preview a day prior to the opening. Joined by many friends from traditional media and social media, I was welcomed by a group of T&T executives and managers, led by T&T CEO, Tina Lee.  Tina has taken over the helm from her parents who moved here from Taiwan and founded the chain in 1993. 25 years later, the latest T&T location is the 26th among the stores in BC, Alberta, and Ontario.  It was pretty exciting for me to find out what the new flagship store of the chain is offering for the foodies who love seafood and Chinese cuisine.

T&T CEO Tina Lee
T&T CEO Tina Lee

The Biggest T&T

The store is the largest among the 26 locations with a whopping 70, 000 square feet space. The location was preciously occupied by Target.

T&T Lansdowne
T&T Lansdowne
T&T Lansdowne
T&T Lansdowne
T&T Lansdowne
T&T Lansdowne

The store has quite a few “the-very-first” features that are exciting.

Weigh Station

With the method adopted in a lot of supermarkets in China, here the shoppers can weigh the produce at a weigh station to generate the price label, making the checkout process much faster and more efficient.

Weigh Station 
Weigh Station

Starbucks and Hui Lau Shan onsite

This is the first T&T store where you can find Starbucks cafe onsite. And soon the popular Hong Kong dessert chain Hui Lau Shan will open a restaurant in the store as well.

Seafood Bar

The most exciting new feature at the new T&T is probably the Seafood Bar.   You can pick your shell fish like lobster, crab, or oyster, and have it cooked right the way so that you can enjoy it while it’s still super fresh. There are only 3 easy steps to follow and you could enjoy the freshly prepared seafood dish in merely 3 minutes. Here is a glance.

Seafood Bar at TnT
Seafood Bar at TnT

Asian Street Food

T&T supermarkets are known for having the huge Asian kitchen that prepare fresh dishes all day everyday. The new T&T Lansdowne will have an even bigger selection of dishes including the most popular Asian street foods such as Popcorn Chicken, Taiwanese Pork rice, Lamb Soup, Yam balls and Cantonese Rice Noodle Rolls.


Taiwanese Pop Corn Chicken at TnT Kitchen

The T&T bakery here at the new location is bigger and better with more varieties.

The self-served food station is also a new feature where shoppers can help themselves to enjoy their lunch or dinner over dozens of mouth watering Chinese and other Asian dishes.

T&T Master Chefs are behind the new food menu featuring Chef Tse of bakery, Chef Shokunin Liu of sushi, and for Chef Du of Chinese cuisine.

Nutrient Grains Station

This brand new station is created to inform and educate shoppers with how to utilize different grains and beans to nurture the body with healthy recipes.

Moon Cake

One of the most anticipated Chinese traditional holiday is coming. For the Mid Autumn Festival, Chinese folks like to enjoy moon cake.  At the new T&T, there appears to be the biggest collection of moon cake produced in Hong Kong, China and North America.



While satisfying all the shoppers with with quality food products and freshly prepared dishes, the new T&T also carries other features that meets different needs in everyday life.


T&T Lansdowne provides the very first bilingual pharmacy in Metro Vancouver with a staff efficient in both English and Chinese.

Treasure Hunt

This unique section is for the most highly sought items on Chinese online shopping portals such as TaoBao,  including premium cookware and dinnerware.

Skincare & Beauty Products

The new T&T carries a massive collection of high quality skincare and beauty products from top brands around the world, especially from Korea, the capital of Asian skincare and beauty products.

Asian Silk Bedroom Linens


T&T Lansdowne

8311 Lansdowne Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3A4
Hours: 8 a.m. – 12 a.m. Daily
(604) 370-2112 or



  1. Amanda Lewis

    This TNT Supermarket looks amazing. I just love the way the set up the supermarket. I use to go TNT supermarket here in Toronto but this supermarket got all of my attention now. If I ever visit Richmond I will definitely visit this TNT supermarket.

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