Happy Hours at Falconetti’s Sunny Patio

It was my first Sunny Patio Happy Hour this year, and I was happy to discover the rooftop patio at Falconetti’s East Side Grill. Going through the the bar at the the main floor was like going through a long dark tunnel, but we were glad to see the light at the other end of the tunnel – constructed with mostly wood and glass, and soaked in a warm bath of sunlight and green tree leaves, the rooftop patio was such a cheerful place to hang out at. I Loved their choices of loungy electronica for music as well.

Happy Hours at Falconetti's
Happy Hours at Falconetti’s


We ordered a couple Double Gin and Tonic’s, which were $6 each accutane online in canada during Happy Hour, and some Lettuce Wraps ($14). The filling for the wraps was Thai chicken sausage saut√©ed with a blend of veggies, crispy noodles & a chili sauce. It packed a great punch of spicy flavours, quite hot and powerful on its own, but perfect for being served with fresh lettuce for wrapping. However I wish they had served us iceberg lettuce leaves instead of romaine. For salad, I definitely prefer romaine over iceberg lettuce; but for wrapping, the young romaine leaves are too narrow. As we were not able to finish all the filing, we hated to see the rest go to waste.

Lettuce Wrap @  Falconetti's
Lettuce Wrap @ Falconetti’s



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