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I love Gamja Jungol, a type of spicy Korean hot pot with Pork Bones and Potatoes. It is definitely one of my favourite comfort dishes, and the only reason that I used to visit the Korean restaurant chain Jang Mo Jib. But Jane, my No.1 Korean food guide, along with my Korean roommate Alex, warned me about Jang Mo Jib for their certain reputation in the community. Oh man, so where do I go for Gamja Jungol now? Jane recommended Chosun. I actually drive by Chosun many times because Hankook, a Korean butcher where I get quality beef and lamb for hot pot, is just 100 feet away on the same block. I got all excited, and suggested this place to my group of university buddies for our gathering.

First came the kids friendly dishes – Bibimbap ($9.95), Seafood Pancake ($13.95), and Jabchae ($13.95).

I have never been a big fan of the Korean seafood pancake, and often found this dish a bit doughy and underwhelming for a dish with seafood. However I didn’t mind their version here at Chosun, the pancake was not too thick and was fried perfectly with some good texture.

Seafood Pancake @ Chosun Korean BBQ
Seafood Pancake @ Chosun Korean BBQ

Bibimbap was prepared well, but nothing extraordinary. Here they servie it with or without the stone bowl. When we usually prefer the stone bowl for wow factor and the aroma from burnt rice, the other version is definitely kids friendly and easier to eat.

Bibimbap @ Chosun Korean BBQ
Bibimbap @ Chosun Korean BBQ

I love Jabchae, and I often make the pan fried yam noodle dish myself at home. Although tasted good, the Jabchae here was slightly overcooked and a tad bit too mushy for my liking.

Jabchae @ Chosun Korean BBQ
Jabchae @ Chosun Korean BBQ

And here comes the star dish I have been waiting for: Gamja Jungol (Pork and Potato Hot Pot, Large, $37.95). I just realized the server never ask how spicy we wanted for the hot pot. I understand that they were too busy running around, but this is such an important detail to be ignored. The taste of the hot pot broth was decent but it was definitely not as spicy as I would like. Also there was not a lot of meat on those bones, compared to my previous experiences of this dish at other places. Hmm… Maybe my expectation was a little too high?

Gamja Jungol (Pork and Potato Hotpot)  @ Chosun Korean BBQ
Gamja Jungol (Pork and Potato Hotpot) @ Chosun Korean BBQ

Thank goodness the Korean BBQ saved the day. We shared a large combo platter of rib eye, juicy Galbi (short ribs), Bulgogi (sliced beef), and thinly sliced beef tongue ($65.95). This combo is definitely worth ordering if you have a big party, and quite a knockout for the meat lovers! I was not sitting by the grill, so it was quite nice not having to cook for everyone for a change. ūüôā

BBQ Combo C?(Beef Rib Eye, Juicy Galbi, Beef Bulgogi, Beef Tongue)  @ Chosun Korean BBQ
BBQ Combo C?(Beef Rib Eye, Juicy Galbi, Beef Bulgogi, Beef Tongue) @ Chosun Korean BBQ

Despite a slight disappointment on Gamja Jungol, we had an enjoyable time at Chosun. The service was okay considering we have 10 adults and 4 small children. The big platter of beef goodness for BBQ was luxurious and delicious. All other dishes were not bad including Banchan (condiments like different types of kimchi) plates. Chosun is definitely not a bad choice for an authentic Korean family dinner experience.


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