Chocolate Cake for Dinner Party Dessert

After making chocolate cake for the first time, I wanted to step up and make a chocolate cake dessert for my dinner party.

I used the same recipe and make 2 square cakes. (Please see my recipe post here.) I planned to make a dark chocolate ganache for the first one, and a white chocolate ganache for the 2nd one. But I made a mistake and used too much cream for my white chocolate ganache. So I ended up serving the 2nd cake component a white chocolate sauce instead.

I also served the first dark chocolate component with some fresh mango mousse, and the 2nd white chocolate component with a dark chocolate coated strawberry. The presentation could use a little more finesse, but I was happy about this first attempt on a slightly complicated chocolate dessert.

Chocolate Cake Duo, White Chocolate Sauce, Mango Mousse
Chocolate Cake Duo, White Chocolate Sauce, Mango Mousse

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