Where To Get Good Lunch in Downtown Vancouver Under $8.00!

Beef Pho - Pho Express @ International Food Fair
Beef Pho - Pho Express @ International Food Fair

Pho Express @ International Food Fair (530 Hornby St., Vancouver)

Beef Pho or Lemongrass Chicken on Rice $6.49 + Tax
Chicken or Pork Vietnamese Sub $3.95 + Tax

Their pho noodle soup or lemongrass chicken tastes more authentic than a lot of Vietnamese restaurants in Downtown. Such a good deal on the sub sandwich: it is a foot long sub sandwich packed with lemongrass flavoured meat, sweet pickled radish and carrots, lettuce and a touch of cilantro. Very decent spring roll that is only $1.50 each and costs only 30 cents if you order a meal.

Prosciutto Mushroom @ Ragazzi Mobile Pizzeria
Prosciutto Mushroom @ Ragazzi Mobile Pizzeria

Ragazzi Mobile Pizzeria (499 Burrard St., Vancouver)

2 Pieces of Pizza and a Pop $5.99

They serve Naples style thin crust pizza. The toppings have decent quality. My favourites are Proscuitto Funhi (Prosciutto and Mushroom), and Quattro (4 cheese). But it is no surprise that a lot of people have had not so good experience. They started their business last fall and it was such a long cold winter. Bad luck for mobile food business!

Japadog (Burrard and Pender)
Japadog (Burrard and Pender)

Japadog (510 Burrard St., Vancouver)

Various Hot Dogs starting at $5.50

The varieties… The flavours… The fun…
This is probably most buy antidepressants online successful street food vender in Vancouver and become a great name in the Vancouver food culture. Maybe I should dedicate a post for them?

L’il Amigos @ International Food Fair (530 Hornby St., Vancouver)

Turkey Sandwich $6.95

This adorable little lady makes a mean sandwich turkey sandwich. She packs in so much turkey in it and I have to feel super hungry or lucky to finish the whole sandwich. Try their chicken taco salad or beef burrito too: substantial sizes and good flavours.

Indian Abroad @ International Food Fair (530 Hornby St., Vancouver)

Butter Chicken $6.00

The long lineup is enough said. Great flavours. The portion is a little small but in my opinion it is good for a creamy and heavier meal.

Fujiya (Downtown) (1050 W Pender St, Vancouver)

California Roll $2.50
Chicken Yakitori Don $3.95
Seafood Salad $4.95
Chirashi Don $5.95

For the simplicity and low prices, their food tastes really not bad. If you are on a budget for lunch, you can definitely live off going there everyday until you get sick of Japanese food. LOL… I love their amazing collection of Japanese imports: Ramon noodle packs, green tea, candies, and cooking sauces… Oh and Pocky!!! Oh and where else can you get a can of Coke for only 85 cents in Downtown?

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