Making jerk chicken with jerk marinade from Grace Foods

I received a few products sent from Grace Foods, and I tried them on the weekend. Grace Foods claims to be one of the Caribbean’s largest food and beverage companies. And I’m reviewing their Grace Jerk Marinade, Grace Jerk BBQ Sauce, and Grace Coconut Water.

First of all, I would like to suggest to Grace Foods, that it’d be nice to put a recipe or 2 on the label of the sauce bottle. For anyone who’s not super familiar with Caribean and Jerk cooking, some quick instructions surely help a lot.

I turned to Grace Foods’ website and found the list of products and a bunch of recipes. However, the products and recipes are not linked to each other. After a quick scan of the website without finding anything about using the Jerk Marinade, I decided to rely on my own cooking instincts and skills.

I had a few friends over for dinner and I decided to make Jerk Chicken.  I marinaded 5 chicken thighs and 5 chicken drumstick with 1/3 bottle of the Grace Jerk Marinade (about 120 ml), let it sit for about 30 mins, and placed them on my table grill.

I browned both sides for about 10 minutes,  brushed the chicken klonopin online with the leftover marinade from the marinading bowl, then finished the cooking in the oven (375 F) in another 20 minutes.

The chicken turned out to be great as it was bursting with a lot of different flavours. The more obvious ones were allspice, nutmeg, and hot peppers, backing up with the familiar bases such as onion, ginger, and garlic, and the binding is from tomato, lime, and other possible citrusy ingredients. It was spicy but not one-dimensional, very unique and delicious.

I guess cooking Jerk Chicken with a full outdoor BBQ would be better,  giving it more smoky flavour.

The day after I tried the Grace Jerk BBQ Sauce with a similar cooking method on some chicken thighs and drumsticks again.

The Jerk flavour is more subtle in the BBQ sauce, and probably more accepted by more people. But personally, I find the Jerk Marinade tastes better.

I also had a taste of the Coconut Water. It is slightly sweeter than I expected but I like it as it has the natural coconut flavour with no weird aftertaste.

Now, this makes me want to visit a local Jamaican restaurant and compare the Jerk flavours. Stay tuned!



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