Neptune Seafood’s Lobster Dumplings: Hail to the King of the Kings of Dim Sum!

Lobster Dumpings - Neptune Seafood
Lobster Dumpings – Neptune Seafood

I have mentioned in my previous blog on why Garden City Hot Pot is one of my favourite dim sum places in Richmond: spectacular tastes of food and comfortable seating. And I think Neptune  Seafood Restaurant (????) is definitely on this list!

Dim sum dishes at Neptune are lighter in flavours and elegantly beautiful in presentation. Look at the Lobster Dumpling… The dish is a variation of steamed shrimp dumpling. As Cantonese foodies always refer shrimp dumpling as the King of dim sum, the lobster dumpling here has gone beyond: A luscious piece of lobster sits on chopped prawns with a hint of ginger, topped with tobiko caviar and cilantro, completing this colourful artwork in a bamboo steamer.  And when the fresh sweetness of all the ocean goodness hits the palette, I am truly convinced this is the art of dim sum at its best!

Prawn Spring Rolls- Neptune Seafood
Prawn Spring Rolls- Neptune Seafood

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