Holy Perogy : Vancouver Food Truck

Holy Perogy: Vancouver Food Truck
Holy Perogy: Vancouver Food Truck

Although I am not a huge fan of perogies, I had enjoyed those cheesy and doughy dumplings before. They would provide some comfort on a cold rainy day. But eating them on a warm sunny day on the street? I was not sure. However my co-worker Kathryn seemed to enjoy the perogies at this food truck downtown called Holy Perogy, and told me about it with enthusiasm. I decided to give them a try.

The food was not cheap at Holy Perogy. The items were mostly around $10 per serving. Add-ons like bacon, shaved beef jerky, or sausage, were $2.  I didn’t know it was $2 until I paid because the writing looked like $1 on the board. And $3 for blue berry lemonade which sounded fancy and expensive.

I ordered order tramadol overnight “Italian”, hoping ingredients like tomato and pesto herbs would make perogies take less heavy. And it did work! For the $2, there was a generous amount of good quality bacon. So the whole dish really sing for me. And the perogies were well made and cooked properly. The cheese and dough proportion was perfect.

What a pleasant surprise! I enjoyed the whole dish. Although I would still prefer eating something else on the street on a warm sunny day, I would definitely recommend people to try the food at Holy Perogy at least once. They should really consider opening a small joint instead of running a food truck, completing with all those people providing really great food on lower costs.

"Italian" with Extra Bacon @ Holy Perogy
“Italian” with Extra Bacon @ Holy Perogy

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