Foodie Documentary “Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent” Just Opened in Theatres

You guys should know that I probably have watched all the food related documentaries on Netflix. My favourites are Chef’s Table, Somm: Into the Bottle and Foodies: The Culinary JetsetI think it would be interesting to watch a foodie film in the theatre.

And I am going to watch this new film that just came to theatres in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary, and Ottawa across Canada on Friday, May 5th, called Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent

The film centres on America’s first celebrity chef Jeremiah Tower and his legendary career and his remarkable life, one of the most diazepam where to buy controversial and influential figures in the history of American gastronomy.

It includes interviews with Mario Batali, Martha Stewart and Anthony Bourdain – who in addition, is also an Executive Producer on the film.  Well those are all the heroes that I have been following!  I always loved Batali on Iron Chef, and I was a big fan of Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and No Reservation!

Here is the trailer, and I hope you guys enjoy it in the theatre!

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