The Food Truck with One Item: Hamburger $2.85

Cheese Burger @ Hamburger $2.85
Cheese Burger @ Hamburger $2.85

You can find only one item at the food truck: the $2.85 hamburger. But there is an option: with $0.65 more, you get to add a piece of cheese to the burger. But no fries, and no salads. The burger is pretty basic: freshly toasted buns, beef burger patty, iceberg lettuce, tomato, mayo, and teriyaki sauce for a hint of Japanese flavours.

But sometimes don’t we all just want a simple and delicious burger with no fancy add-ons? I rather eat a burger with the perfect buns and patty instead of one with foie gras and black truffle. And Kobe beef burger? I think it defeats the purpose and it is a waste of Kobe beef!

I think this burger is brilliant!

Location: Pender & Granville.

Food Truck in Vancouver: Hamburger $2.85
Food Truck in Vancouver: Hamburger $2.85

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