A Delicious Lunch at the Ascot Lounge

My friend Pascal and I both had the boneless short rib with smoked cheddar gratin. The chef showed great technique to elevate a meaty dish to something light but still satisfying. The presentation was simple and elegant. The smoked cheddar gratin was made of potato and celery root, shaped like a small round pastry, and its texture was just perfect: not too soft or too mushy, proving some contrast to the tenderness of the meat. The wild mushroom jus added a layer of flavours to the plate. I could not wait to come back here to try the other dishes.

Short Rib with White Cheddar Gratin
Short Rib with White Cheddar Gratin


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  1. This looks so good!!

    • picky diner

      Yes! And the price is good… Smaller portion but perfect for lunch. We asked for some extra bread and the bread was really good.

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