My Cooking: Transforming Leftovers into a Delicious Pasta Dish

Spaghetti with White Prawns and Vegetables
Spaghetti with White Prawns and Vegetables

One and a half Chinese long eggplants, half of a broccoli, and ONE tomato. And there are quite a few white prawns left from last night’s BBQ. How you throw them together and make a pasta dish that tastes good?

The trick is, you should always have dried herbs and a chunk of Parmigiano at home. Get the cheese at Costco. If you think spending $25 – $30 is too much, but just look at the size of this piece of deliciousness imported from Italy. It will last for a while and it will seriously make your meals taste better. Dried basil is good. But get Herbs du Provence. It is a mixture of savory, fennel, basil, thyme, and sometimes rosemary. You can put it in your fish, chicken, pasta sauce, French onion soup, and many more. So get it! 🙂

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