Skookum Festival 2018 showcased world-class music, art, and food


I was invited to the very first of the annual Skookum Festival as media.  I was super excited to check out the world-class acts of MUSIC and ART, but also amazing FOOD.

For MUSIC, a highly curated lineup of acts from well-known to emerging performers  from the West Coast, across Canada and around the world, were performed on forest-fringed stages in Stanley Park. For ART, massive collaborative murals, interactive installations, innovative sculptures and communal art activities are to be discovered with the spectacular backdrops of nature.  Last but not least, FOOD lovers were offered one-of-the-kind culinary experiences w by highlighting Vancouver’s most popular eateries, along with award-winning craft breweries, winemakers, and mixologists.

Here is the footage captured on my camera to share with everyone.

Day 1

We started around 6:30 pm and the walk along the sea wall from coal harbour to Stanley Park was filled with the great energy from the thousands of visitors venturing toward the venue.

The main stage (SKYLINE stage) was spectacular.

We spent some admiring the artworks such as the giant murals.


Time for some dinner! We decided to eat at  Mr. Bannock‘s indigenous cuisine food truck.

 We were satisfied by the award-winning Beef Bannock Taco.

Beef Bannock Taco
Beef Bannock Taco

And we also tried the Dessert Bannock. As Bannock is fried bread that’s like savoury donut, the dessert version is exactly like an inside out donut. It was delicious.


Many other food trucks were offering incredible food at the Food Truck Park.

Time to get a drink! We stopped at the Liberty Distillery tent for some cocktails, choices of Endeavour Gin Mule and The Liberty Caipiroska.

At the Wine Bar, folks can enjoy a variety of great BC wines.

Time for some amazing concert acts on the MOUNTAIN STAGE., featuring the Montreal-based Chromeo as the very first highlight of the evening.



We also check out the other stages that evening.



The Long Table Dinner of the evening was featuring Edible Canada and the Ocean Wise Ambassador, Ned Bell.

A cute illuminated Hammock Park offers a resting area for the visitors.

While the concerts were on the forest stages, we took a minute to appreciate the beautiful back drop of Downtown Vancouver.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.


We also check out the pop-up restaurants by the city’s popular eateries such as Fat Mao, Bao Bei, and Belgard Kitchen. Here’s a list of all the participants.

And we also enjoy the performance from Arkells.

What an amazing time that we had.


Day 2

The rain on Day 2 did not stop the enthusiasm of the visitors who were passionate about MUSIC, ART, and great FOOD.

Here are some of the highlights:

Grammy Award winner St Vincent performing on SKYLINE STAGE.

The Virgin Mobile VIP Lounge.

The whole festival was filled with red rain ponchos offered by Virgin Mobile, and it would be the incredible scene of SKOOKUM remembered for many years to come

The Food Truck Park and the Pop-Up Restaurant Area were filled with food lovers.

Skookum Festival
Skookum Festival

We were back to the MOUNTAIN STAGE for more extraordinary performance by Stereophonics.

Mag had to get a shirt for her favourite band, The KILLERS.

And look at me, getting a TATOO at the Jack Daniel tent.

Another fantastic night filled with music, food, and entertainment. 

For more information about SKOOKUM, please visit

I will be back next year!

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