Greenday Salad

Greenday Salad is this little self serve salad bar in my office building, and it is right next to Fujiya. You can find most popular items at a salad bar: fruits, veggies, nuts, healthy grains, etc. But You can also find traces of Korean cuisine like BBQ chicken, chap chae, and kimchi. And I really enjoy some of the little touches they put on some of the items: eggplants and brussel sprouts being grilled, or diced mango marinated with chili sauce, or sliced tomato marinated with dry herbs.

Today I think I did pretty well getting myself a healthy lunch box: baby spinach, chopped romaine hearts, quinoa salad with lemon dressing, sliced tomato herbs, diced mango with chili sauce, grilled eggplant, some kimchi, 4 pieces of BBQ chicken, a few thinly slices of beef, finished with just a little bit of organic olive oil and balsamic. All for only 6.79!

Greenday Salad Bar
Greenday Salad Bar

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