24 Train Express Noodle House

24 Train Express is a Vietnamese noodle house in a relatively quiet neighbourhood in yaletown. It was a late lunch on a hot summer day. Having a cold rice vermicelli dish become the first choice naturally. I ordered Lemon Grass Pork on Rice Vermicelli. The ingredients of the noodle were fresh and decent. But the way of serving the dish was a little different from other Vietnamese pho places, and it kind of made the dish worse in my opinion. Here it is, they serve the noodles in a bowl instead of a plate, and they do not put the noodle sauce (a light sweet vinegary dressing with a hint of fish sauce) on the side, but have it poured over the counter xanax equivalent over the noodles in the bowl instead. So if you do not mix all the ingredients and noodles well at the beginning, as you are halfway to finish, you find the rest of the noodles was soaked in a pool of sauce and soggy.

One of us ordered a small chicken pho, and I had a sip of her broth. The flavour was okay. I think I would give the pho a try next time if I’m in the neighbourhood.

Lemon Grass Pork on Rice Vermicelli @ 24 Train Express
Lemon Grass Pork on Rice Vermicelli @ 24 Train Express

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